CO-OP Advertising Plan

SDHDA is pleased to offer all Participating Lenders an opportunity to jointly advertise with SDHDA. The Homeownership Advertising Co-op Plan is designed to encourage and promote Homeownership Programs offered by SDHDA. SDHDA-approved Participating Lenders are eligible to receive reimbursement of 25% of the cost of the print media ad, not to exceed $1,000 per Lender per location. Production charges are not reimbursable through the Co-op Plan.

Following are Co-op Plan requirements:

  • 50% of the ad space must be devoted to a specific SDHDA product:
    • First-time Homebuyer Program
    • SDHDA Tax Credit -MCC
    • Community Home Improvement Program (CHIP)
  • Ads must include the SDHDA and Equal Housing Opportunity logos.
  • SDHDA’s logo must be legible and proportionately scaled.
  • Ads listing current program interest rates must include a disclaimer stating rates may change at any time, and to contact Lender for current rates.

All Co-op Plan requests must be approved prior to publishing. Please allow 3 business days for ad review and approval.

Email: amanda@sdhda.org

Reimbursement Requests

To request reimbursement, you must provide the following documents within 10 days of the date of publication:

  • Fully completed Co-op Advertising Form
  • Copy of the media invoice
  • Tear sheet or photocopy of the advertisement with publication date

Reimbursement requests will take 10 to 14 days to process.

SDHDA reserves the right to change or discontinue this Plan at any time.